Myisha Tate, 

Worship Leader

Myisha Tate is a beautiful and brilliant mother to two brilliant beauties who she attributes to part of her life’s greatest contribution to life. Myisha has a knack with words and God-given love for humanity. She has gift of song and encouragement. She has spent the entirety of life others centered. She began singing at the tender age of 4 and began leading worship by nine. Having had 32 years in this role, Myisha has had formal training at the university level but is most proud of her title of Friend of GOD. She has had the distinct honor and privilege of traveling the world over to minister in song. She has done a ton in ministry, but outreach is where her heart lives. She most enjoys

meeting people where they are and helping them remember or come to know you are loved. You matter. You are beautiful and you are a gift meant to contribute to life.

Myisha Tate is an ordained minister, is the founder of Love Revelation Worship Elevation Encounters, runs a mentor and empowering program for ladies of all ages and stages, Brilliant Beauties, is a facilitator of Inner Healing, is launching the Inaugural Gala for The Living Legacy Foundation in November 2022 and charged to teach The Art of Worship.

Myisha Tate is an encourager who just wants people to live feeling and knowing they are loved.